I can't believe it's been 1 year since we lost one of the most important men in music history.

I was in the car, stuck in traffic, and randomly turned on the radio on June 25th, 2009.

The second I heard an MJ song playing on every station I scanned, my heart sank. Secretly I was hoping maybe it was his birthday, or maybe for some strange reason every programer in Los Angeles had put him in their playlist at the same time. As I pressed the dial back on 93.5 and heard the DJ emotionally crack the mic announcing his death I immediately pulled over and cried.

Michael Jackson has been a part of my life since I was born. He was the first artist I knew of. The first person whose songs I memorized. As a 3 year old listening to listening to "Bad", I ran around enthusiastically telling my mother that he was my boyfriend.

As a fan, I desperately wanted to meet him. As a radio personality my dream was to  interview him.

Quite possibly MJ was the most misunderstood person in history. In later years his monumental career was often overshadowed with controversy and jokes. The child molestation allegations, his skin, blanket hanging over a banister, it was all such a surreal train wreck. We forgot about the music that brought us joy, choosing instead to ridicule the person.

How could we have ever expected someone who played their entire life out in front of us to fit our standards of normalcy? He wasn't born to be "normal." So many times he had let us know his longings for a childhood. His kindness. His genius.

I pray he finds the peace in heaven that he wasn't allowed to have in life. R.I.P MJ!!

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