Nipsey, We Will Miss You Forever.

The tears haven’t stopped. I want to scream. Inside I have been screaming. Everyday. This is so hard to accept. It will always feel like God got it wrong this time. This picture of us, though not the best aesthetically out of the ones we have taken, is my favorite. It was taken with a sidekick. 10 years ago. This era is how I remember you best. The young, beardless, hungry and funny Nip. The guy on the cusp of beginning a revolutionary movement. This particular night we were on campus at UCLA to talk to students about hip hop. Some pressed you about your lyrics but you eloquently defended your choices and talked about expressing the truths of your experiences. We met at 21 and became fast friends. You’d always hit me up on my lunch break and tell me to meet you at the Fatburger downstairs. Wilshire & Highland. Fat burger and fat fries. We’d talk music, radio politics and our dreams. Both of us on the come up in our lanes. Usually you’d follow me back to work and sit on my desk and play me some music. When I think back to some of our conversations at that time it blows my mind how mentally and spiritually ahead of us you were then. We were supposed to get up a couple months ago but 101 traffic was thick that day and I said I’d rain check because I didn’t want to be late picking up my baby. I thought we had all the time in the world to catch up and talk sh*t...I will regret that for the rest of my life. I love you man. I’m so grateful to have known you and to have had you as a friend. To have witnessed your growth and rise firsthand. I’m glad I got to say that to you before we were robbed of your light. I hate this. I hate this end for you. But I will try to accept God’s plan even if I do not agree. You have inspired millions and your work will be forever. I will give the time I have left here even more of me in your honor. Thank you for giving this life your all. For teaching us. I love you. We all love you. Your legacy will never be forgotten. Till I see you again my friend... ❤️

Devi Brown

Devi Brown (formerly Devi Dev) is a music industry influencer with a mission. Whether on radio, television or podcasts, Devi connects with listeners through stories of struggle and success, and inspires them by sharing her passion for mindfulness and fulfillment. She has hosted shows on iHeartMedia, MTV and Sirius XM, and been a feature on several major media outlets. Off the air, she is the founder of ‘Karma Bliss’, a company dedicated to helping those seeking a deeper connection with themselves and their world. Devi is also certified by Deepak Chopra's Chopra Center in Primordial Sound Meditation, a time-tested meditation technique dating back thousands of years to the ancient Vedic traditions of India.