Common x Devi Dev! New Album, Chiraq & No Vaseline

  For me, it's always awesome and refreshing when you get the chance to delve into a conversation with someone whom you're a huge fan of. That happened this week when rapper/ actor Common dropped in on my show at 93.7 The Beat!

Common x Devi at 93.7 The Beat Studios

Common x Devi at 93.7 The Beat Studios

We talked about A-LOT. From why he considers his new album #NobodysSmiling to be a "call to action" to his take on how certain changes in gang hierarchy have lead to an influx of crime in Chicago. Common opens up to me about the range of things going on in his world personally & professionally!


Part One

, Common shares why he thinks the breakdown of gang hierarchy on the south side of Chicago has led crime to spiral out of control in recent years. Plus we discuss the dual meanings of Chiraq and his Big Sean feature on 

Nobody's Smiling.


Part Two

, Common shares his top 5 favorite Dilla beats, and revisits his beef with Ice Cube, sharing his thoughts on hearing "The Bitch in yoo" now. He also explains why "No Vaseline" is one of the best diss songs ever released and his thoughts on why Ice Cube is one of the best rappers of all time.


Part Three

, we discuss his single status and his desire to eventually be married. Common also dishes about his upcoming movie Selma, which is produced by Brad Pitt and how filming it has been one of the best and most impactful moments of his entire life.