Jeezy x Devi Dev: Ferguson & New Album!

While in Htown for the #UnderTheInfluenceTour, Jeezy dropped by my show to talk the new album, Ferguson, and how his music has grown!

In Part 1, Jeezy and I revisit the impact of his third album "The Recession " as well as how his life has changed since. Towards the end of part one, Jeezy shares that he has talked with Minister  Louis Farrakhan about the situation happening in Ferguson and explains his thoughts on the matter. 

In Part 2, we talk about the new album "Seen it All" and why he feels its his best yet. Plus, Jeezy shares needing to be a leader and his desire; as a "superstar hustler" to share the game with the next generation. Gotta say, I've always known Jeezy was a deep thinker but I especially loved the gems he was giving out today!