Devi Dev x YN: Behind The Scenes At #GREEN & The Sit Down!

Elliot Wilson x Devi, The GREEN series

Elliot Wilson x Devi, The GREEN series

  This past week the homie Elliott Wilson rolled through H-Town for a collaborative effort between myself and 20.10 media we like to call... GREEN.

GREEN is a new series that links some of the nations biggest industry leaders with the creatives of Htown. Unparalleled access to network and build with key players in ways not yet available in Houston. I really wanted a chance to share some of my relationships and rolodex an in impactful way with my second home.

I was thrilled to have the chance to bring the GOAT to the city as our first guest. What an incredible night shared!

Before we hit up GREEN, YN dropped in on me at 93.7 The Beat for a relaxed and fun interview where he shared candid stories (like Bun bringing him to the City first), ate Pappaduex for the first time AND, admitted to being wrong about opinions on certain artists.

Check it out!