One time at rap camp.....

Sooooooo, I had a friggen blast at SXSW this year! First of all, what your not going to do is judge me for being about 2 weeks late on this post ( life happens okay!)... Secondly....while there, my internet was down, twitter was slow AND my phone was always dead.... so most of the epic memories I made will unfortunately be going with me to the grave BUT you can peep pics from my adventure after the jump! :-)

(in no particular order)

(Pedi Cab. He was my first...but far from my last #cakes)

( Tyler the creator. The odd future show was an experience to say the least. Free Earl!)

(Bun's bday. w/ Bun, Royce & Crooked)

(Me, Brianne aka the hardest working woman in Austin, P mama aka my angel and Natty)

(w/ Quiksta at VIBE House)

(Kanye Vevo show. Ah-maze-ing.)

(One day...i will share the story behind this will my grand kids. *wink* Nick Huff, Aisha, P mama, Ricky)

(Yeezy taught me well.)

(Respect the West show w/ Big Snoop)

(Fader Fort day one. Was dying for a drink at this moment but line was crazy. YN, Bombai, me, B.Dot, Young Guru)

(Took this home with me from the VIBE house)

(Before B.Dot's epic race. Drinks: Elliott, Bombai, Brian "Blade Runner", Sway, Me)

(During B.Dot's epic race. Man vs. Pedi Cab)

(Hoop & Hang w/ my hardknockers! Nick Huff & Bombai)

(My baby's father for tax purposes. Lowkey. "FAM!")

(The SXSW Angel! Marlene! #LoveherSOMUCH)

(They serve a fine drink called "Get Wet" everyone should try it)

("Get up and watch EPMD")

(The magic moment w/

(My sistah! Bombai. "Welcome to Sonic")

(Odd Future show. Before the broken nose thing)

(Nah Right show! It was hotter in there then you can imagine)

(He ran from me all week >:-[ Chuck and me)

(During the Nate Dogg tribute at the Respect the West show)

(Jazz brunch at Manuel's with the gals)

(What went along with our drinks at Manuels. I had the Crab omlete)

(SMH. Former friend & current arch enemy. Chamillionaire.)

(BET music matters show. Miguel, a shadowy Dom Kennedy, Archie, me and Drew Byrd)

(Me and Huff!)

(Joey, me, Crooked. No idea where we were, but I look like i'm having fun. *sidenote* someone...not naming names...RUINED the kick a** interview I was doing with them....)

(Had just made it to the Quik listening sesh & yacked Bri & elliott's ear off about my cab driver Avi... a European lad who made me watch his youtube video's the whole ride there)

(Bun's B day party. Bombai and I kidnapped Crooked for the afternoon. There are dreadlocks under that hat.)

(I adore these two!! Brianne & Rona, my Cashmere boo's)

(everybody and they momma. Vevo. )

(The Doggfather)

(And just like that.....Rap Camp was over and back home I went. Weary traveler Ricky didn't last the first block w/out knocking out)