On HBO last night for #Hardknocks • Go #HoustonTexans! Airs Tuesday's at 9pm #HeyBoo #DeviDev #DuaneBrown

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Hard Knocks, HBO's sports documentary series, has kicked off it's tenth season in the lone star state! Joining the Texans as they brave Houston's heat during training camp, the NFL Films crew will be covering life on and off the field as the guys get ready for their 2015 season. 

If you caught last night's premiere episode then you had a chance to peak into an average day in the life of my little family. Camera's followed DB as he headed up to my radio show surprise me with lunch and a kiss.

Shooting with HBO for a couple days was eye opening! I've been blessed to have been on a few sets during my life, but watching a documentary team in full swing is a huge ordeal! Lots and Lots and Lots of people, camera's and mic's...everywhere! 

We had a good time! And I loved that they were able to capture how much Duane and I support each other's busy careers. I hope you keep watching the show, with guys like Wilfork, Watt, Hopkins, Cushing and Brown...I'm sure the season will be veryyy interesting. :-)

Watch the full EP on HBO GO:

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**UPDATE** May 2016 --> Hard Knocks wins two Emmy awards for their coverage of the Texans!


The crew visiting me at work!

The crew visiting me at work!

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