Devi Launches New Community Show On 93.7 The Beat and iHeartRadio!

  One of the biggest reasons I believe I fell into the career path that I am in is because of my passion for people. I love people. I love connecting. Hearing, telling and sharing experiences.

When I was on the radio at 93.5 KDAY in Los Angeles, one of my favorite things I did aside from interviewing entertainers and doing events was the community show I hosted. While I was the community action director for the station we were able to have meaningful conversations about everything from politics to prostitution and create events in partnership with the city to keep kids off the streets and out of gangs during summer months.

When I found out that the community show slot was open and in need at 93.7 The Beat, I jumped at the chance to continue these important conversations in Houston!

The Beat Insider air's on 93.7 The Beat every Sunday morning at 7am. Each week I am joined by expert couples and family therapist Rabia Ilahi. Rabia, who is also a Chakra healer,  provides profound insight into the psyche as we touch on various topics and shares invaluable advice and teachings from the standpoint of professionally knowing the "why" behind how we make decisions. Over the course of the past several months we have had guests like Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia, Zen Master Miao Tsan and celebrity financial planner Humble Lukanga. We have also highlighted amazing organizations like the Houston furniture bank and have discussed topics such as police brutality, self worth, depression and tools for employment.

Every week is something new and we are trying diligently to delve into a wide variety of topics so we can provide something for everyone. All the different people and cultures that make up our community.

My mission in hosting #TheBeatInsider is to inform, interact and inspire! Check out a couple of my fav episodes (so far) below, and tune in on Sunday's at 7am!

Make sure you check out and search the "Devi Dev" blog for more episodes!