Devi says goodbye to Houston and middays on 93.7 The Beat

Growing up I always loved the radio.

I moved around a lot as a kid. Growing up in so-cal I lived everywhere. Watts, West LA, Northridge, Alhambra, Azusa, West Hollywood and eventually North Hollywood. With my Mom working in Downtown L.A for over 20 years, Traffic filled car rides were the book ends of every single day of my youth. The one thing that always made those loooong journey’s tolerable was being able to turn on the radio and hear my favorite songs and my favorite radio personalities. Listening to Big Boy on Power 106 (now on Real 92.3) had a profound impact on my life. He was entertaining, authentic, kind, funny…and had the uncanny ability to make this young lady inching through sig-alerts day after day feel deeply connected. I didn't know how I was going to do it, but I knew I wanted to do something with my life that made other people feel the way that he made me feel. 

Flash forward a few years and I'm a student at California State University-Northridge finding her tribe and working on an internet hip hop show (underground music only) and podcast (P.S this is ’03 folks…way before it became the norm) with my genius friend Tony Costa. Through those long recording sessions in Inglewood and Canyon country, I became certain that this was my thing. From there, an eager myspace message to my favorite personalities -the incredibly humble and wonderful duo Tha Goodfellas- turned into an internship at 93.5 KDAY and what would eventually become the defining part of my life…a career in FM radio. At KDAY, thanks to Adrian Scott, Damien Lewis and Theo Mizuhara…I was able to become one of the youngest female Music Directors in the country, an on air talent, a savage at celeb interviews, on-camera host for Hardknock TV ( thank you forever Nick Huff) and a helping hand to countless West Coast artists on the rise. All before the age of 25.

*BTW, Here is where I’m going to skip ahead a few chapters and leave out the parts where I worked at Universal Motown (immensely grateful for you Big Paul!), moonlighted as a junior publicist, almost died at the hands of a drunk truck driver and had a brief g as a receptionist for a Beverly Hills Billionaire.*

Eventually, after my beloved 93.5 KDAY flipped formats and went in a different direction musically, I decided to jump out on faith, quit my job and see where this radio life would take me. At the time, radio gigs in L.A were hard to come by. My dear friend Mar Brown (another mentor of mine who the world lost far too soon just a few months ago) suggested I reach out to a brillant and highly respected female PD out in Houston, TX, who was looking for a Midday personality. I’ll be honest, the thought of moving away from Los Angeles was terrifying! For one, it’s my home and all I knew. For two, I was poppin, and who the hell leaves when your hot right? But behind that fear, I craved adventure. And since I had nothing keeping me tethered, I packed my bags and said “Let’s Go!”

As a woman, moving across the country to a new city where you don’t know a single person is…..hard. Really hard. It’s lonely, its scary, it’s confusing.

But…if you’ll let it be, its also invigorating AF, intoxicating and can give you a fast pass to resilience. Learning how to start from scratch and rebuild at a young age in invaluable. 

I was 11 months into ruling the 10a-2p shift on 97.9 The Box when two destiny shifts happened. 1. A 20 something guy from Virginia who lived in Houston playing football fell in love with my voice as he rode through the city one day. Upon hearing my voice took to googling me, tweeting me…and eventually popped up on me at my birthday party. That man, my sweet love Duane, became my Husband a year to the day after our first date. 

2. My wildly talented friend Charlemagne The God suggested me as a host for a TV show at MTV (HipHop POV forever!) the same week that the legendary Sway Calloway asked me to move to New York to become his co-host as he launched his new Sirius XM morning show Sway In The Morning. 

So I packed up and moved again.

So, imagine that…within a time span of 2 years, I went from L.A to Houston to New York. What I learned in this part of my 20’s is that timing is some hella weird sh*t. I fell in love just as all my wildest dreams, everything i’d ever worked towards was coming true. You know the saying “Life moves fast”? Well going from first meeting to engaged in 3 months and then wife in another 7 months had me like the real life Mr. Krab meme. And being that brand new marriage + long distance don't really go together, I decided to pack up my Manhattan apartment and headed back to Texas.

So remember when I said timing was weird sh*t? Well, it’s also cosmically amazing sh*t too. Not long after heading back to the lone star state, I receive a call from one of the most awe-inspiring men in radio. The man, the myth, the legend…Doc Wynter. iHeartmedia was bringing a new station to H-town and he thought I’d be a perfect fit. To be honest, when that call came, even though I had previously worked at the spot across the street, I hopped at the chance. As a FM radio company, hands down iHeart is the creme of the crop. They are innovative, successful, filled with top tier talent and have an unparalleled national reach. Plus, the chance to help launch a brand new station (this is extremely rare in radio) was a bucket list challenge of mine.

Though I had lived in Houston before, this time, I had the chance to really fall in LOVE with the city. I can’t even begin to tell you how FULL my heart felt everyday that I have walked into this studio at 93.7 The Beat. My co-workers and bosses are THE SH*T and I have felt extremely fulfilled and happy each moment I have spent with them. 

I know you have been reading me re-hash my life story for a while now so I guess I will just get to it….

With heavy heart, I share that I am leaving Houston, and for the time, FM radio. 

Today is my last day hosting mid-days at 93.7 The Beat.

Jeez. I can’t believe I’m really saying that.

The past few years I have been doing some major spiritual journeying. So much so that I began to officially study Vedic Teachings and have become certified to teach Primordial Sound meditation and Crystal Healing. Karma Bliss, the self-discovery company I launched this year has been doing incredibly. It’s success, mixed with the current climate of the country and a gnawing desire to be of more service to the world has led me to a crossroads. I’d been feeling really conflicted this past year or so and have felt God speaking very clearly to me asking me to focus more on ways I can use my company to help people that need healing and to expand my vision. I’ve been muting that voice a bit because, well, I LOVE what I do everyday on the radio.

Recently I was approached with a few amazing opportunities to grow my business and expand its reach nationally. Not only are they beautiful new possibilities, but they also lead me back to my motherland of Los Angeles, C.A.

Though I am excited to be headed back to my hometown and will have the ability to see my family and BFF’s regularly for the first time in years (!!!)….Words cannot explain my gratitude for the city of Houston. I have called this vibrant place home for over 4 years and have had the opportunity to meet incredible people, fall in love with new friends, take part in community initiatives, get recognized with my own day, fill your airwaves each weekday and grow insurmountably as a woman. I am DEEPLY thankful to have been able to live, love and learn here!

Now even though I said I’m talking a break from FM radio, I’m not saying it’s forever and there will absolutely be ways for you to watch me and listen to me very very soon! In the meantime, (until those secrets get shared) I am only a tweet or IG comment away! 

(Plus, I will be here weekly once football season starts…so just think of it more like you and me still go together but we are seeing other people too, Lol.)

I love you Houston. Thank you for sharing yourself with me. I hope I made you proud!

And for everyone reading this...don’t be afraid to take risks, to fail, to reinvent. Evolution is what we are here for. Fearlessly and a big life!

Devi Brown

Devi Brown (formerly Devi Dev) is a music industry influencer with a mission. Whether on radio, television or podcasts, Devi connects with listeners through stories of struggle and success, and inspires them by sharing her passion for mindfulness and fulfillment. She has hosted shows on iHeartMedia, MTV and Sirius XM, and been a feature on several major media outlets. Off the air, she is the founder of ‘Karma Bliss’, a company dedicated to helping those seeking a deeper connection with themselves and their world. Devi is also certified by Deepak Chopra's Chopra Center in Primordial Sound Meditation, a time-tested meditation technique dating back thousands of years to the ancient Vedic traditions of India.