I think it's safe to say that this has been an emotionally charged week for everyone. From the unjust murder's of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile at the hands of police to the then absolutely horrifying acts of the Snipper in Dallas who took the lives of 4 officers and injured 6 more... no matter where you fall on this topic, the fact is...discussing it and finding solutions is unavoidable and extremely imprtant. I was very grateful that I had a chance to share some of my views on Friday's Revolt Live show via face time. 

Here's the thing, I don't have all the answers. But I, like many who are outraged right now, can recognize that there is a lack of police accountability that happen's when the life of a black person is taken. The inconvenient truth is, Racism still exists in this country. And as much as some people like to claim that it doesn't, or that they don't "see color"....we are only about 50 years removed from segregation and KKK lynchings (sadly not even 50 for the latter part) and 150 years removed from Slavery. And at no point in that amount of time has the country ever had any real healing or transparent conversation about racial prejudice. Of course racism still exists... how could it not given the fact that its something people try to ignore in the desire to "move forward."

The narrative has become and "either or" and "tit for tat", at least in the conversations happening on social media and amongst talking heads on television. But let's be clear for a second... loudly pointing out that BAD cops need to be held accountable for their actions is NOT being anti cop or negating the fact that there are incredible men and women all over the nation that protect and serve as police officers. There absolutely are. I have known many personally.

And for God's sake... "Black on Black Crime" literally has NOTHING to do with Police on Black crime. One does not make the other okay.

Also, just because YOU have not experienced something or seen it directly (racism, racial profiling, violence) does NOT mean that it is untrue for someone else. 

All sides of this argument need to be open to hearing the things that they do not understand and practice empathy. We are in this world together for better or worse and the fact is, injustice for anyone means unrest for everyone. 

This week has truly hurt my heart on so many levels. I want us to heal as a country and make it through this time with a greater value for live and a more just legal system. 

I've shared a bit more about my thoughts on IG: 

Be clear: Pointing out and being loud about the injustice of and lack of accountability for BAD cops doesn't deny that GOOD cops exist. Absolutely there are wonderful men and women that serve the community on a daily basis and I am thankful for them. That is not the argument! Accountability for the negligent, racist and militarized, murderous police is the argument. Abuse of power has become a daily headline in our society and I refuse to be silent about it. We need to flex our economic muscle, show up at elections, raise our voices, and FORCE new procedures to be set in place, FORCE people who are not doing their jobs correctly to step down or be fired and FORCE legal action to take place against the members of the police force who are unethical, apathetic and trigger happy. And dammit, good cops need to demand change as well! You see what is happening just like we do, say something! Stop making excuses for lives being taken. This CAN NOT continue! Police should not be murdering civilians (without REAL threat of harm)...period! My heart is breaking for the men that lost their lives without cause this week. I don't have all the answers but with every breath in me and every ounce of energy I have left I will loudly speak against wrong doing and educate myself and others. This is not just a black issue. This is an American issue. If you remain silent, you are giving your consent. #PhilandoCastile #AltonSterling

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