I got the chance to check out Mr.Hudson's show at the Troubadour Monday night. Walking into it I wasn't too sure what I was gonna get. Although "Paranoid" was my favorite track on 808's I tend to shy away from people who have an insane amount of hype (it took me ages to give Drake a try.) I headed to the show with my girl Mari of Lyme Lite Media (shouts to Chelsea, Brian Samson and all of Def Jam for setting it up) already loven the fully stocked open bar before the show even started. When Mr. Hudson hit the stage I was blown away. Colored lights flashing in the back, a guitar slung across his shoulder, him welcoming us with his british accent, and the amazing music. He performed about 4 tracks altogether (short and sweet...my fav when Im wearing 5 inch heels in standing room only) and ended with "Supernova". Immedietly after getting home I got my limewire on for him, I plan on living to his playlist for the week.

The Food: The Grilled Cheese sandwhich here was great!

The Drinks: Lemon Drops. Yum.