This past week I spent a few days having fun in one of my favorite cities: H-town.

Upon my arrival back in L.A, I spent about 20 minutes waiting for my luggage at the LAX baggage claim. While standing there, contemplating if things could possibly go any slower, I noticed a group of 5 giddy teenagers, standing by me pointing and giggling.

Exhaustedly I walked outside w/ luggage intact to wait for my ride into the city. All of a sudden a young guy (see above) walks up to me shaking and says " you Mariah Carey?!".... the rest of the convo goes as follows:

Me: No i'm not.

Him: Are you sure?!

Me: Yes I'm sure that I am not Mariah Carey.

Him: I love the emancipation of Mimi!!!!

Me: So do I.

Him: Can I please take a picture w/ you just in case you are her???!!!

Me: *sigh* I'm positive I'm not her, but...sure...

We then proceeded to take 15 or so excitedly awkward pics. Here is one. LOL...SMH.