Meet Sarah Kruzan. A young women from Riverside , California who is currently serving a life sentence in prison without the possibility of parole.

I found this video heartbreaking.

When Sarah was 16 years old she killed her pimp. Someone who, as a 30+ year old man began having sex with her when she was 13 and soon after forced her into a life of prostitution.

Was she wrong? Yes. Murder is wrong.

Should she be in prison for the rest of her life without the possibility of ever being free? NO!

This whole case is absolutely crazy to me. First of all she was a minor, secondly when you look at the details of this case and what she was forced to endure as a minor, I find it heart breaking that the judge in this case could send her away for the rest of her life.

Where was the law when she needed protection?! What happened to rehabilitating and saving our youth?!

PLEASE WATCH THIS and sign the petition to free her HERE