KENDRICK LAMAR TALKS TO DEVI DEV: Release date and Self Worth

While on his promo run this week for new single and video "i"Kendrick Lamar dropped in on me and shared a few gems!

This interview is really a bird's eye view into his thought process in shaping his upcoming album. 

Saying that he has dealt with and still deals with depression, Kendrick says what more black men need to have is "Self worth", sharing... 

"We were taught to live the lifestyle of negativity but…we all are masters and kings at heart. All you have to do is practice some positivity and put that energy around you.  I tell this to my homeboys everyday when I go back to the city. You have to put your mind in a different place." 

He also explains what it means when he says "I love myself" and when the process of self love began for him as a man. Since GKMC's release, K.Dot says he has become more open and that the inspiration behind the new project comes from the conversations he has been having and the things he has been learning from people all over the world.

We lighten things up a bit when Kendrick talks about the possibility of acting and how he'd like to one day play Prince. He also discusses why he has an immense respect for Beyonce.

Hoping for a 2014 release, he is staying mum on the album title but said he wants to share this important project asap.