With today being Kanye West's 34th birthday, DJ Jque and I decided to dedicate our 97.9 12p lunch mix to him. I started going thru the tons of interview audio I had with Kanye in hopes of sprinkling it into the mix. Well in the process I found 3 hidden gems that have never been heard before and thought I'd share them with you :) Enjoy!

This one is my fav. Hilarious, off color and off air convo about the do's and dont's of texting. Kanye also discovers what "GTFOH" means:

[audio:http://www.devidev.com/wp-content/uploads_2/2011/06/KAnye-Devi-Uncut-Texting.mp3|titles=KAnye Devi Uncut Texting]

The front of this clip is part of what aired over the radio in L.A...about 2 minutes in though is something I discovered today...off the air convo between Mr. West and I, he gives some pretty great gems about his perspective and shares advice:

[audio:http://www.devidev.com/wp-content/uploads_2/2011/06/Kanye-Devi-Uncut-808.mp3|titles=Kanye-Devi Uncut 808]

Kanye gives insight into why younger women go for older men. Oh My....

[audio:http://www.devidev.com/wp-content/uploads_2/2011/06/Kanye-Devi-MDTF-uncut.mp3|titles=Kanye Devi MDTF uncut]