Mia X gives her thoughts on Mystikal signing with Cash Money

Our days at SXSW were filled with exciting performances, artist exclusives, and moments like this: Gangsta Boo surprising Sway and I by bringing Mia X, the first female MC to sign with No Limit Records, with her to her #SwayInTheMorning interview. Mia ended up opening up about what she’s been doing for the past 17 years, and how she really feels about Mystikal signing with Cash Money.

“I’ve been friends with Slim and Baby for over 20 years. Slim is one of my best male friends. That was a great move for Mike [Mystikal]. I don’t think people thought we were as close as we were, as far as Cash Money and No Limit. That’s like our family. All the ones from New Orleans. That was a crazy misconception because it was two labels from home. That’s a good move for Mike [Mystikal].”

Sway, in turn, surprised Mia with Mystikal’s presence mid-interview! Did we mention the dope freestyle that this female MC kicked for #SwayInTheMorning? Peep it below.

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