This week I played catch up and caught up on a bunch of flicks! The Green Hornet, The Fighter and The dilemma to be exact. Click for more to watch the official movie trailers and read my reviews!


If you just watched the above trailer for Michel Gondry's 2011 version of The Green Hornet, I must warn you...that is the closest you will get to being entertained. While sporadically entertaining (I chuckled at a scene that involved Seth Rogen singing along to Gangsta's Paradise) this movie left me feeling irritated and bored. The film is very scattered with absolutely no plot focus and leaves you trying to piece shots together on your own, wondering how in the hell Seth Rogan got picked to play the lead character. Best thing about it was Kato's (Jay Chou) fight scene's...but even those were redundant. My recommendation... SKIP IT.


My expectations were high as I walked into the theater to catch The Fighter. Christian Bale had taken home a Best Supporting actor Golden Globe for his portrayal of Dickey Eklund, a few days before I sat down to catch the flick for myself. Well, needless to say, the 2 hr film inspired by the true story of professional boxer "Irish" Mickey Ward packed a huge punch. Bale was AMAZING, completely transforming into the physical and mental state of drug addicted former hero. Mark Wahlberg wasn't too shabby himself, bringing alot of vulnerability to role of the underdog turned champion Mickey Ward. Though I will say, when watching some Wahlberg's scene's I couldn't help to think of Andy Samberg's "Say hello to ya mother for me" SNL skits. One of my favorite things about The Fighter was the way it was shot. Being a boxing fan, I really enjoyed the last scene of the movie which centers around Mickey Ward's London welter weight fight. Shot just like an actual HBO boxing match, I found myself cheering loudly as if I was sitting on my couch at home watching pay-per-view. If I had to give any criticism to the movie, it would be that the first 30 minutes dragged along pretty slowly; but if you can make it through that you will walk away having seen a very entertaining and inspiring film!


Anything Vince Vaughn does, I'm wit it. So of course, Ron Howard's latest comedy starring Vaughn, Kevin James, Winona Ryder and Channing Tatum was no different. Set in chicago, the plot centers around Ronny (Vaughn) seeing Nick's (James) wife Geneva (Ryder ) kissing another man (Tatum). Throughout the rest of the movie Ronny seeks out answers and has to figure out how to tell Nick about what he saw while working with him to complete their critical presentation. I found myself cringing at the thought of actually finding myself in a situation like that (I have NO idea what I'd do) and non stop cracking up throughout the whole movie. Makes a cute date movie ;) Go check it!