Ya so...I kinda suck at posting these every week. Forgive me! I vow to do better from this point on :-)

After the jump check out pics & stories from club nights, foodie adventures and in studio interviews over the past couple of weeks!

(Hit up club Club Belvy. Mr. Khalifa was in town. Who hits the club with no makeup? Lol...I guess me. Had alot of fun that night...paid for it dearly when it came time to get up for work the next morning. Rose headaches are the worst!)

(#TeamDevi was in full force for the 2011 AIDS walk! Such a great day we had. This is JQue, Me and GT getting our walk/run on)

(Hit up The Drake-club with my brother from another Nip Hussle. Hazle E, Kane & Jque up in that thang too! Afterwards I ate Shrimp & Fries at a scrip club...but thats another story...)

(In the studio playing dress up with Mike Epps. I'm a Pharaoh... I think!)

(Straightened my hair for the first time in a long time so I had to document lol. Don't judge me!)

(Listening sesh at SXSW. Nice Kicks shop)

(Best meal of my life! seriously. Pic does it no justice. Salmon w/ Lump crab meat & White wine cream sauce from Maggiano's)

(The city was officially taken over for Final 4. )

(I caught Kentucky's practice for the Final 4. Iono..if its not the Lakers i'm not that into it)

(Thanks to my friends over at PHRESHCRU for the gear! loooove my hat!)

(Live Broadcast at reliant stadium. The tail gate there was OFF THE CHAIN)