And as always...I'm a few weeks behind on my week in pics of the reasons you love me is my random flakeyness right? Right.

Some of the highlights were meeting Tavis Smiley, hitting up the Erykah Badu show, eating at this incredible place called Hot Pot & taking fried chicken- Crown Royal shots with Laz Alonso. Check out the pics galore after the jump!

(we went fist pumping. Something everyone should do after drinks at Eddie V's *go go go*)

(Erykah Badu show at the Arena theatre. AMAZING! Her old school set gave me life)

(Dug up this gem on Mother's Day. My mom & Newborn me! Don't we look so much alike?!)

(Venue )

(A mix between Mongolian BBQ & Fondue...Hot Pot is truly an experience! My side was tofu, shrimp, fish, mushrooms and other yummy stuff. #winning)

( Fun at Suite for Laz's party **Look at that Morrocan Oil working wonders in the curls!)


(Crown Royal & Chicken shots... Don't ask me how or why I would ever come up with such a thing BUT...i did & it was a hit LOL)

(such an awesome moment! Tavis Smiley stopped by the station to promo his new book and kicked MAJOR knowledge!)

(Republika with the talented Miss Mykie, Happy Bday Chill!)

(Don't judge me for taking a dreaded bathroom mirror pic but I had to show my curls! Just started using Morrocan Oil and i loooove)


(A beautiful day...spent stuck in traffic. *tears*)

(Sooo tragic! Was watching "Strange Sex" on TLC and this man had to have his privates removed. I was freaked out watching this.... TLC is doing the most right now)

(Randomly ran into my pal Marcus all the way in H-Town! Fun times)

(With Laz before the Chicken & Crown Royal shots )

(Tare and I)

(all smiles on a saturday)