I have been slippen on my pic posts! Forgive is moving at full speed right now. I incorporated pics from the last few weeks this time. After the jump check out flicks from shows, interviews, and of course food!

(Happy Hour fun at Cyclone Anaya's! Hilarious night. Had a group of guys at a table yelling "YaY YaY" real loud after they found out I had interviewed Ice Cube earlier that day)

( It's crawfish season in Houston, so... When in Rome... suck the head! Hit up this lil spot w/ friends, bought to lbs, a potato and a corn on the cob. I realized soon though that peeling ain't for me. I felt so guilty the whole time with those lil eyes looking at me!!)

(Caught up with Cube after his HOB show)

(A wonderful person sent me my fav flowers to work! )

(was at a stop light in the homegirls car and a man who was off that tiger blood came up to car and handed her a Isley Brothers Chopped & Screwed C.D and said "N*gg*a kiss booty's too"...I cant...)

(Avant dropped by before his show. I was so happy when he said that he and KeKe Wyatt were working on a duets album!!)

(Kendrick Lamar & Schoolboy Q KILLED it at WareHouse Live)

(YUM! Reggae Hut has the illy curried shrimp and Cocoa bread)