I am probably the most twitpic'n'ist person in the world. I can't help it...I just love random phone pics! Anywho... figured I'd start sharing some of these droid gems each week :) Here is Jan 27 to Feb 6th!

From Houston to L.A, studios, photo shoots & food.... Click for more to see them!

(started the week in 25 degrees... wtf indeed)

(Listened to some unreleased Freddie Gibbs tracks w/ Terrace Martin & Gangsta Gibbs)

(tried The Lobster in Santa Monica. Yummy & fab ambiance)

(almost bought this in the Slauson Super Store lol)

(Finally had a chance to read the feature on one of my fav groups)

(caught my best friend backin it up on the poor random fella lol)

(Garden Benedict w/ veggie sausage from K24)

(tried to sneak out of SkyboxLA wearing a friends hat. He caught me 0_o)

(Skybox LA... Blu & Terrace Martin)

(Snuck a trip to In-N-out before my flight)

(No idea what a masonic investigator does, but he had a gold gun strapped to each thigh...)

(a refreshing 80 degree breezy day driven thru the city of Angels)

(photoshoot for The SEX ep)