Nicki Minaj admires 2 Chainz’ work ethic & is getting back to her Hip Hop roots

Nicki Minaj stopped by #SwayInTheMorning with her short Kelly-Green wig and opened up about what all of us really wanna know. She talked to Sway and I about how she felt about Madonna kissing her on the lips, and M.I.A flipping off the bird at the Super Bowl half-time show. When asked about her evolution from day one of her career, she explained that she has different layers See more below.

…The ultimate layer was me saying ‘Now I’m gonna do whatever kinda music I wanna do, and you’re free to not like it’… the stuff I felt coming into the first album, ‘are people gonna like me, are people gonna judge me,’ I no longer care. I never thought I’d get to this place this early in my career…

Nicki then spoke on her Grammy performance of Roman’s Holiday; Did you know she was the only female rapper to have ever had her own stage at the Grammys, and the only rapper (with her own stage) at this year’s Grammys? It also happened to be her “favorite performance” that she’s ever done!

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