Ice Cube hit up House of Blues Wednesday night and of course... I was thrilled. Any excuse to throw up a dub and recite lyrics and you already know I'm there lol.  Me & Nnete were on stage for the show so i'm still debating weather or not to do anything with the flip cam footage I got (the sucky part about having great access is getting back shots #pause). As promised Cube went through damn near every album (solid 2 hour show) and even brought his sons OMG and Doughboy out towards the end. My fav moment was when he and WC did We Be Clubbin, the crowd response was epic. Had so much fun! Shouts to Crazy Toones & WC. Peep performance pics after the jump!

*Side Note* Most random part of evening was 7 armed police barging into his dressing room digging around and walking out. Family sitcom or not, they still think he's one of AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted.