For several reasons, Saturday Night will go down in history as one of the most epic nights of my life. As if finding myself on stage with Snoop Dogg, DPG and Warren G during a Nate Dogg tribute wasn’t enough, my SXSW experience got turned up a notch when a good friend called to tell me he had All Access passes to Kanye West’s uber hyped vevo show waiting for me at will call. Now, I didn’t expect to make this show originally. I didn’t want to dip out on the above mentioned tribute show, plus I knew the circus that would be surrounding the Kanye show would be ALOT to bear. (to continue reading & see pics click for more....)

First, let me get some specifics out of the way. When Kanye West decides to do a concert, you should expect nothing but a visual feast. The show was held at an abandoned Power Plant in Austin and didn’t even start till roughly 1am (which was perfect for me since I was now able to hit both concerts!). Kanye hit the stage and gave us a 90 minute set that included visits from Jay Z, John Legend, Mos Def and members of his G.O.O.D music family like Big Sean, Kid Cudi, Mr. Hudson, Pusha T and Teana Taylor (by affiliation). Oh and did I mention the marching band that came out on stage? Yah…that happened too. I was lucky enough to watch the show from back stage where I also spotted folks like Beyonce and Diddy enjoying the festivities. To say it was amazing is an understatement. I stumbled out of the concert close to 5am not really even able to digest everything I had seen.

I also had a chance to chop it up w/ Mr. West after the show, I dont remember much of what I said (it was 5am for crying out loud) but I managed to tell him I hate how he is so misunderstood by the press to which he responded w/ a chuckle "Yah, me too"