Lauryn, I could have killed you for being 4 hours late...but then you started belting out one of my favorite songs and you had me.

Peep the live vid of Ex Factor above & if you want to read my rant about Ms. Hill, click the more tab.

I have so many mixed emotions about last night’s concert at House of Blues. Like many of you reading this I have been a HUGE L Boogie fan for years. Stood by her through years of coming and coming, flakey-ness and neglect. I mean…I even called her “Ms. Hill” when she asked us to stop using Lauryn.

Last night the show was 4 hours behind schedule. The sad thing is, this isn’t an isolated issue… every show…in every city…is between 2 and 4 hours behind, which leads me to ask….How much do we have to go through before as fans we can get a little more respect from “Ms. Hill”?

Because of the late start, Lauryn was only able to perform for about an hour. And yes…the hour was fabulous. She went through Miseducation with a live band and alot of energy and had the crowd (what was left of it) belting their hearts out to songs like Ex-Factor  fanatically (myself included). Check out the video above and be glad you didn’t have to wait 4 hours to sing along.