The Paladium in Hollywood held The Ecstatic Tour his past Saturday. Mos Def, Erykah Badu, and Jay Electronica all hit the stage for the LA leg of their journey. The line was ridiculous. The show sold out early so there where people standing in a line that wrapped around the block trying to figure out a way to get tix (made me wish I had scalped some...coulda came up lol). I loved how mixed the crowd the was...It looked like Compton, Bel-Air, Venice, and Valencia all came through.

It was my first time catching Jay Electronica perform and I dug it.

Ive seen Mos before...and his shows are always a toss up...either there REALLY good...or REALLY abstract.

Now for Erykah...

Her band was AMAZING and as always she always puts on a very energetic and interactive show. I liked alot of the new material she debuted...BUT...I can hide the dissapointment my friends and I shared at her lack of performing past hits. This is the second time ive caught her show in the past 6 months and each time she does MAYBE 2 older songs. In this case she did "Love of my life" and a 30 second spazzed version of "Tyrone". When she ended her set it felt so unfinished.

Granted...I liked the material, but i ans most of the other fans also came to sing along to our old favorites :(

I think ill pass on the next few shows.