On last night's episode of VH1's Love & Hip Hop, Chrissy (my fav of all the ladies) popped the BIG question to her long time boo Jim Jones. In a nut shell her reasoning was that she loved him, wasn't getting any younger, and was tired of waiting on him to do it.

Ultimately the episode left us hanging as to what his answer was (we'll find out next week), but after it ended I kept thinking about what I might do if I found myself in that situation.

We'll actually I take that back...it didn't take much thought at all, I definitely would not have done that. Call me old fashioned but I would want my man to take the lead on us starting a family together. Equality-Shamility, as women I don't think we allow a man to be a "man" enough. I'm all for the independent women schpeel (duh I am one right?) but by nature men are conquerors, so...why would I take away his drive to go after what he wants. And anyway...speaking of a man going after what he wants.... thats what I want...a man who goes after what he WANTS, including me. If he wants to start a future together he will say so... if he isn't ready...he WON'T. At least that's my 2 cents :)

I talked about this on my show today, got some pretty interesting opinions from listeners below (Pt. 1 is a MUST listen)!

PART 1: Woman takes us to church w/ her opinion on Men/Women relations:

[audio:http://www.devidev.com/wp-content/uploads_2/2011/04/97.9-engagement-caller-church.mp3|titles=97.9- engagement caller- church]

PART 2: Woman who proposed to her husband & they are going 11 years strong:

[audio:http://www.devidev.com/wp-content/uploads_2/2011/04/Break-Women-popped-the-quest1.mp3|titles=Break- Women popped the quest1]

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