5 years ago this week I was involved in a hit & run with a drunk driver. I was in college, working part time at a real estate company & part time in radio. I had just gotten off work & was heading out to our company Christmas party. As I made a turn onto a residential street going about 20 mph in my teeny little Toyota corolla, a ford F150 doing 65+ changed my life. When the driver ran their car into mine I was instantly knocked unconscious & stayed that way even as the "jaws of life" ripped apart my car to get me out. I woke up a couple times to see doctors cutting my cloths off of me and then again to see my Mom crying.

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I was left on bed rest for what felt like an eternity, unable to wash my hair, use the restroom by myself or do much of anything other then lay in bed crying because of the pain. And unfortunately for me....I was a college kid with no medical insurance, so at 20 I was stuck footing a $100,000 bill from the hospital. When the police came to talk to me I found out the man driving the truck was drunk, had fled the scene and gotten away. Luckily for me, a few good samaritans who had witnessed the accident chased him down & were able to get his license plate (2 years later this would aid in him finally being caught). I will forever have memory problems from the accident and using my short term memory is HUGE struggle for me...If you think I'm quick, funny or a good conversationalist now...i promise you, 5 years ago I was a beast lol. The back pain will always be there as will the ugly scar on my right leg that keeps me in long dresses & pants, BUT guess what?...IM ALIVE... something I am so grateful for everyday.

I guess I decided to share this story with you guys for a couple reasons, 1 being that I feel more blessed then ever, 2 being that I hope everyone takes another thought before driving if they have been drinking and 3 being that I think everyone should realize how wonderful and fragile this gift we call life is. Live it and love never know when your circumstance can change.

Have a blessed folks!


For those that think their too cool to wear a seatbelt... the ONLY reason I survived is because I was wearing mine.