Last week when Big Sean dropped Control, the internet and Hip Hop went into a frenzy over Kendrick Lamar's verse. Some people considered it as a diss to those named by him in it, other thought it a diss to those he did not name and others still, like myself considered it more of a wake up call for Hip Hop to become better.

Personally I thought Dot's verse was incredible, spoken in a way that reminded us of what the spirit of hip hop used to sound and feel like. As he trended for the next few days on twitter and received praise from every demographic imaginable, something struck me....people were acting like he wasn't always this lyrical. The Kendrick Lamar I'd been following since roughly 2005 has always sounded this lyrical and urgent.

Some people first started listening to Kendrick around the time he stopped going by K.Dot and dropped The Kendrick Lamar ep, and even more  people came across him a little bit later with 2010's Overly Dedicated release. But did you know that his first release came as a 16 year old in 2003?

In light of this Kendrick Frenzy I decided to dedicated this weeks show to educating the masses on the past 10 years of "Kendrick Lamar". I've curated his 8 projects along with some of his best features as well as a special Sample Mix from DJ Mr. Rogers going over all his production samples. Plus i'll be revisiting some of my best interviews with him over the past several years and dropping years worth of first hand info of his movement.