Devi + Friend, Brianne Pinns enjoying Texans Game

Devi + Friend, Brianne Pinns enjoying Texans Game

  Since my husband Duane and I first became public with our relationship I'd often be approached by press wanting to do stories or features about us. It might sound crazy but...I tend to shy away from things that head in that direction (or at least make them few and far between.) Here's why: I have been working very hard on my career for nearly a decade now and I've been afraid that if I do too much press about my marriage my personal brand will be over shadowed by the fact that I'm married to an NFL player. I'm very cautious about my representation to young women and in the age of reality TV shows like "Basketball Wives" and "16 and Pregnant" I never want them to think that marriage or a man are status symbols to be interchanged with your personal identity or sense of self.

Well, with that being said, when I was approached by sports writer Tania Ganguli about shadowing me at a game for a story I was a bit nervous! But being that I was a fan of her work for the Houston Chronicle and a fellow So. Cal. girl I decided to go for it.

Tania met up with me and 2 of my girlfriends who were visiting from Los Angeles and we all headed to the game together. In between questions and plays we ended up having a great time.

Gotta say, I loved how the article turned out! She really captured our lifestyle and priorities well!

The article will be on the cover of this Sunday's sports section so get it on stands or check it out here: