The Root, The #1 news, culture and opinion website for African-American influencers brought their series Young, Fabulous & Female to Houston this past week!

Presented by Toyota and held at The House of Deréon, the focus of the evening was: Getting Across the Line- How do Black Women cross that line t achievement and success? How do we bring others with us? What obstacles are in our path?

Fashion & Beauty editor Joy Sewing, TV Producer Tera Roberson, Entrepreneur Denise Hamilton, Surgeon Dr. Camille Cash and Pastor Suzette Turner- Caldwell shared their journey's with a packed out,  multi-generational, all female audience.

I had the beautiful opportunity to moderate this panel of outstanding women and together we went over successes, failures and solutions. I shared some of my journey as a young veteran radio personality and as I shared some of the life lessons i've learned with the audience, some of what I was saying also served as a reminder to myself in the present. Find the Beauty in your struggle-and-be excellent!

Much love to all the ladies in the audience who took the time to feed their minds and souls at this awesome event. Female fellowship is everything!

Big thank you to The Root and Toyota for creating this outstanding series!

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@TheRoot phenomenal event! Panel moderates by @DeviDev dropped gems all night! #youngfabfemale @WatchHerWorking

— Sassy Sandra (@thesassyeffect) October 19, 2015


Still on this conversation we had with @DeviDev last night. Felt like it could've gone on for hours. So inspiring & authentic! — Rafaela de la Ghetto (@missbeffy) October 16, 2015


The gorgeous and genuine @devidev and I at the theroot #YoungFabFemale Empowerment Discussion Panel!…

— Ms. Simmons (@thaduchessofPR) October 16, 2015


we had a pretty dope conversation with the beautiful @DeviDev. thank you so much for speaking to us! #YoungFabFemale — cheyne' nechelle (@cheynechelle) October 16, 2015


With the lovely @devidev!! I just love her energy and thank you for the little gems you dropped…

— Jasmine Johnson (@JJNicole_J1) October 16, 2015


Look at the opportunity in the obstacle says @DeviDev. Ask yourself, 'what am I learning in this moment?' #YoungFabFemale — The Root (@TheRoot) October 16, 2015


"Find beauty in your struggle." @DeviDev #YoungFabFemale @TheRoot @TheRootYFF

— Dagny Zenovia (@DagnyZenovia) October 16, 2015


@DeviDev love the wisdom you're sharing at the Young, Fabulous & Female event. #YoungFabFemale — Stefani Farris (@SOULcialBfly) October 16, 2015


Wise words from @DeviDev for social media generation. Don't try to keep up with what you see in Instagram. Everything is not at it appears.

— The Root (@TheRoot) October 16, 2015


"Give your spirit and souls as much attention as you do with trying to get your dream job" @DeviDev #Youngfabfemale @theroot @toyotashowcase — Shasie (@LiveLifeInStyle) October 16, 2015


"Even if it's personal - don't take it personally" - @DeviDev #YoungFabFemale @TheRoot @TheRootYFF

— Andrea Brown (@IAmAndreaBrown) October 16, 2015


Our publisher @by_donna introduces @DeviDev our moderator for #YoungFabFemale. Looks great new to @Toyota Camry — TheRootYFF (@TheRootYFF) October 16, 2015


@DeviDev love the wisdom you're sharing at the Young, Fabulous & Female event. #YoungFabFemale

— Stefani Farris (@SOULcialBfly) October 16, 2015


"Never get comfortable. Look for constant evolution." @DeviDev #Youngfabfemale @TheRoot @TheRootYFF ❤️ — Dagny Zenovia (@DagnyZenovia) October 16, 2015


@DeviDev What an amazing, beautiful, positive and incredibly brilliant soul. TY for showcasing what a WOMAN is.

— Lisa W. (@4evryoung7_11) October 16, 2015