Dropping Gems with Devi Brown

Self-Discovery, Pop Culture and tool’s for your Spiritual Journey. Dropping Gems with Devi Brown is a show dedicated to demystifying personal growth through conscious conversations with familiar faces.

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Spiritual Alignment for the Busy Millennial

I am so happy that I found this podcast! The topics are relatable and always leave me feeling better than I arrived. They’re like a mental yoga class! Radio vet Devi Brown has filled a niche in the over saturated world of podcasts with Dropping Gems. If you desire to align with your best self and to vibrate higher as a human being, this is for you. A podcast of substance, ladies & gentlemen!

Pashara B.


As a college student, I often search for content that is relatable yet still complex and challenging to digest . I wish this podcast came in my life earlier in my young adult life. Devi has brilliant conversations that inspire me to dig deeper and make changes in my life. I am so lucky to be digesting these gems at such a young age. I can’t get enough !!!


Wow wow wow

Devi gets to the heart of all her interviews. Entertaining SOUL FOOD!!! She shows us that every single person is fascinating and has a journey and story to share. I love how fluid and easy to grasp she makes spirituality and personal growth. Thank you for doing this show and sharing your self with us Girl!! The world needs this!!

- stylishgrace93

For Those Spirits Having An Earthly Pilgrimage And Want to get to The Heart of Their God self

Devi’s podcast gets to the heart of the spiritual journey that we are indeed spiritual beings having a human experience. Her temperament is an angelic one as she moves with ease and grace with her guests with each episode. It has forced me to look deep within myself to recognize the beautiful conscious being that I am. Devi I wish for you nothing but continued success and I will continue supporting you in everything you do!


The Evidence of A Divine Presence

I’ve been a fan of Devi for many years now, however this podcast has put her on a level. There is power in knowing who you are and Devi knows exactly who she is! Whether you’re just beginning to dig deep into your true self or you’re a master of thy self, this podcast will feed you, water you and bless your whole life! Tons of delicious food for thought, dozens of gems to keep close to your heart and priceless experiences shared by some of the most down to earth, brilliant minds on the planet. Devi hits home with this one right here. By far one of the realest in this podding game.


Soul Stirring

Soul stirring, inspiring, a breath of fresh air. This podcast gives me so many light bulb moments and is so relatable! Definitely quickly becoming one of my favorite podcasts! Devi feels like the mentor and big sis I need for nuggets of encouragement on life’s path!


Dropping Gems is the Perfect Description

Sometimes the universe gives you what you need right when you ask for it. The guests and the banter are relatable and insightful. And the best part is it truly inspires you to want to be a better, more excellent human while making you laugh and think about life.


Very Informative, And Encouraging

Love this insightful podcast. Devi is very thought provoking and gives self-care and wellness tips in small doses making it so much easier to implement and see what works on your personal journey. Looking forward to more of her gems.


Life Changing

Guys if you’re into healing and finding your way through life, this is the podcast for you! I’ve had a hard time finding women of color who are into crystal healing, reiki, and pushing through generational trauma. Devi gives us the prospective for us and I’m so grateful to have found this podcast! Blessing and positivity lol (if you listened you get the joke) ✨💞✨


Greatest gem ever

I can truly say that out of all the podcasts I listen to, this is one of my favorites! Every episode is like a therapy session full of gems you didn’t even know you needed. I love how funny, relatable, honest and transparent Devi and her guests are. I’m grateful that Devi extends herself so much to us and that this podcast exists.

Juliane hyppolite

Dropping Gem Bombs

I’ve been a fan of Devi since she was on a local radio station in Houston and was excited to see her posting about her podcast on IG. I love this podcast! I’ve listened to the episode twice because I had to go back and write quotes and notes! What really resonated with me was the self-inquiry, the 5 pillars for yourself, and the mission statement that one adheres to. Also Humble’s quote “you only get compensated based on how rare you are” was EPIC! Keep up the great work, Devi! Thank you ❤️



This podcast is now a part of my top 5 favs. The insightful, thought provoking interviews keep me coming back for more. Charlemagne’s interview was incredible, so much so, that I’ve listened to it twice and I’m going back a third time. Phenomenal job, Devi! Continued success 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽