“Seek the path that demands your whole being."
- Rumi

Devi Brown

Devi Brown is a Master Well-Being Educator, Multidisciplinary Healer, Creative Advisor, and Author. As the founder of her namesake company, Devi Brown Well-Being, she serves as a trusted voice and advisor to global corporations & high-impact individuals and as a compassionate and supportive teacher to her students. Creator and host of leading wellness podcast, ‘Deeply Well’ and author of Crystal Bliss and the upcoming Living in Wisdom, her work is founded in creating elevated inner and external wellness practices that support a complex-lived experience. Her process is rooted in trauma-informed holistic wellness, spiritual psychology, advanced meditation, and metaphysics. Devi Brown Well-Being strives to ignite internal transformation that leads to community impact and an elevation of consciousness and compassion for all. 

The Teacher, The Author, and The Executive
As a master well-being educator, Devi’s teachings comprehensively reach a vast demographic ranging from students to global corporate clients, and creative media platforms. 

In 2020, Devi accepted the role of Chief Impact Officer at Chopra Global, a company founded by global wellness icon Dr. Deepak Chopra. Under her leadership, Chopra saw an unprecedented increase in cultural and generational diversity in both education enrollment and live events, as she spearheaded initiatives and curriculum both externally and internally, fully supporting and growing their mission of democratizing well-being for all. 

Devi’s work with corporate clientele including Microsoft, Chopra Global, Google, TikTok, YouTube, Overtime, and more includes leading keynotes, seminars, retreats, and workshops on topics such as soul-led leadership, mental wellness, emotional intelligence, and creativity. Devi’s esteemed partnership with JP Morgan Chase is multifaceted. She’s worked with employees at all levels, from entry-level to C-Suite, and has collaborated with Chase Sapphire; where she created guided meditations that are currently featured in their newly launched wellness spaces at Sapphire Lounge by the Club, as well as joined them on-screen as a part of their national commercial campaign. 

Her curriculums are designed to reach across generational lines, creating spaces for Gen-Zers and boomers alike. One of Devi's early creations was Karma Bliss, serving as a space where individuals seeking transformation could come together for workshops, retreats, and to explore meditation. During this time, Devi wrote her first book, Crystal Bliss: Attract Love, Feed Your Spirit, Manifest Your Dreams (Simon & Schuster, 2017), eventually moving into retail, launching a first-of-its-kind crystal collection at Nordstrom stores nationally. 

Her second book, Living in Wisdom: A Guide to Awakening Your Highest Self and Developing Self-Mastery (Hatchette, Spring 2025) arrives highly anticipated. Within these pages, she’ll explore and reflect on the paradigm-shifting life experiences that have informed her spiritual awakening and teachings, offering readers the processes and practices to craft a full-body wellness framework dedicated to servicing all facets of their well-being.

Devi’s teachings can be experienced both in-person at various retreats she leads year-round and through digital platforms such as Amazon Prime’s The Sessions where she guides 4-time NBA Champion, Draymond Green through meditative and healing practices to find new ways to balance his intensity on-court. She has also made appearances on national morning shows such as Good Morning America and The Today Show, where she imparts wisdom on holistic living and self-care practices, making it a tangible reality for all. 

As a mental health advocate, Devi is a founding board member of the Mental Wealth Alliance, an organization founded by media titan Charlamagne tha God. The core mission of this foundation is to destigmatize, expedite, and centralize advanced mental health outreach and care across the United States. In addition, Devi serves on the board of The Omega Institute, a campus for spiritual study that stretches across 250 acres in Rhinebeck, NY. This non-profit educational center, founded in 1977, is dedicated to education in Holistic Wellness and Higher Consciousness.

Devi also actively invests in impactful businesses and technology platforms that are driving innovation in the realms of arts, lifestyle, and community resource development such as Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen, Pacaso, and HUNGRY.

The Voice
As a seasoned broadcaster, Devi has a remarkable ability to unpack emotions, evoke vivid imagery, and elicit deep thought from her audience. Devi has honed her talent for crafting narratives that leave a lasting impact. Weaving a trauma-informed lens through poignant themes to transport listeners and viewers to new realms of insight and deep emotional connection.

Devi's extensive career spans various media platforms, including her leading wellness podcast, Deeply Well, on iHeart Media’s Black Effect Network. Through conscious conversations with wellness visionaries and pioneers, she explores topics ranging from psychology to alternative healing practices, fostering expanded perspectives. Guests like Dr. Shefali, Yung Pueblo, Charlamagne Tha God, Dr. Anita Phillips, and Resmaa Menakem, contribute to the show's rich dialogue.

Devi’s career commenced in her hometown of Los Angeles, where she gained recognition as a hip-hop music director and top-rated radio personality. She became an integral part of L.A.’s culture and developed a community-oriented approach to her on-air work. The focus of her shows ranged from mental health to hip hop and her delivery from radio airwaves to television. For many years, her influence expanded nationwide and moved her to Manhattan New York, and Houston, Texas where she worked with companies like MTV, Sirius XM, and iHeartRadio. Engaging in purpose-driven conversations, Devi has connected with some of today's most prominent artists, entertainers, public figures, and thought leaders. 

Beginning during her tenure at Chopra Global, Devi continues to serve as the voice of daily meditation on the Chopra well-being app, with her guided meditations reaching millions of downloads worldwide on topics such as self-worth, grief, purpose, creating boundaries, and reclaiming joy.

The Healer
Devi's upbringing in diverse Los Angeles neighborhoods shaped her profound understanding of life's complexities, where she witnessed both love and pain coexisting within communities and individuals. These experiences fueled her calling to help others navigate complex-lived experiences. Recognizing grief and loss as sacred opportunities can also offer valuable insights for making choices that align with one’s highest good. 

As a multi-certified healer, Devi utilizes modalities such as advanced meditation, breathwork, energy and pranic healing, and somatic techniques to guide clients through a deeply informed approach to holistic well-being. Over the past two decades, Devi has immersed herself in the study and research of human behavior and trauma, helping her to identify generational patterns and devise a legacy of practices, philosophies, and offerings for transformative shifts, both on an individual and collective level.

Based in Los Angeles and The Baja, Mexico, when Devi is not teaching or guiding immersive experiences, you can find her taking in sunsets, listening to Soulection Radio, and cherishing her most honorable role - being a mother to her creative and wise son, Quest. 

Well-Being Education

Practical tools and knowledge to enhance your overall quality of life. Prioritizing mental, emotional, and physical wellness, to empower clients to make informed decisions and cultivate sustainable habits for holistic well-being.

Corporate Advisory

A trusted voice and consultant guiding corporations and brands towards improved workforce practices and soul-led leadership. Also an experienced creative advisor on projects supporting wellness and mental health. 


Captivate audiences and ignite a deep connection to well-being. Through compelling narratives, Devi has the ability to inspire individuals to embrace positive change, fostering personal growth, resilience, and a balanced approach to life.


Engaging and insightful presentations that empower audiences to prioritize their well-being. Through Devi's expertise and relatable communication style, she provides practical strategies and inspiration for individuals to enhance their mental, emotional, and physical wellness.

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“Your gifts can only take you as far as your healing."

- Devi Brown

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"Your gifts can only take you as far as your healing."

- Devi Brown

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