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As in nature, we cannot expect ourselves to bloom all year long. The end of the year marks a time of deep introspection and creating space for clarity.

The end of the year is often shrouded in a frantic energy. The western world has created a holiday spirit rooted in external validation, with consumerism, conflicting family patterns, and conditioned conflicts rifling through our nervous systems. With the growing pressures of external exertion this time of year, it is deeply important to call more mindfulness to our own inner reflection. There is no better way to map out a new year of abundance, fulfillment, and joy than creating with clarity.

In the ever-shifting cycle of expansion, a ritual I have integrated into my yearly routine is creating my new year intentions in November and December. Not only does this support my own internal rhythm, but it sets a foundation so that my daily routine, vibration, and vision are fully in motion to support my new intentions when January 1st begins. 

Creating your intentions during the dark winter months is a holy practice; allowing for your inner light to be felt more profoundly. As our collective consciousness shifts, we can create new meanings behind phrases, reframing their energetic footprint. From an energetic perspective, intentions and resolutions have very different vibrations. Intentions are rooted in light, in action, and in abundance. Resolutions often have a vibration of lack and scarcity. When creating your intentions for the new year, it is necessary to create from a place of abundance.

To invite more light and ease into your new year’s intentions, I’ve put together my process for creating intentions with clarity.  

When to set intentions:

Tapping into your own energy is key for getting clarity around anything in your life. Especially when it comes to creating your intentions, it is vital to create a safe space where your mind, body, and spirit can fully be heard. Take yourself on an intentional date ( I love heading to a museum or bookstore), spend time in a long bath (use the whole bag, sis), or start the day with a morning walk in nature. Dedicate time to your mission and remember that you are worthy of prioritizing your dream life. 

Clear the space:

To create a new reality, we must match our current present moment with the vibration we are calling in. To do this, the physical and spiritual space we are in must be cleared. I physically clear the room I’m in by burning palo santo, sage, incense, and playing high vibrational binary beats. Integrating crystals into your space is also a powerful clearing tool. I love using selenite, clear quartz, and onyx in intention-setting ceremonies. 

How to set intentions:

The power of the written word holds deep mastery when it comes to creating a new timeline for yourself. One of my favorite ways to create intentions is to write them down. I personally love writing them in a journal, but you can write them in notes on your phone or email them to yourself. Let any expectations of doing it right or wrong leave your body and allow for divine inspiration to envelope you. 

Another beautiful way to create space for your intentions is to create a vision board. Pull images that support the way you want to feel, the way you want to be of service, the way you want to expand, the way you want to experience joy, and the way you want to receive abundance. Have your vision board in a place that you can see it every day…in your bedroom, kitchen, or taped to your bathroom mirror. 

When we give ourselves permission to slow down and integrate with intention, we open ourselves up to a space of receiving. This is your reminder that you are worthy of living your dream life. 

Create and love with clarity.

Xo, Devi