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Stop being so passive about what you want, who you are, and how you communicate. The universe shows up for you at the level you show up for yourself. Get clear, be direct, put in the work. - DEVI BROWN

Although our western culture begins the new year on January 1st, our bodies and the earth are still in deep winter. Winter is a time of introspection, deliberation, and hibernation. February, the last month of the winter season. is a month of energetic harmony, new beginnings, and synergistic connections as we begin our bodies and spirits to begin the new energetic year on the Spring Equinox. . With the 2.22 and 2.23.23 portals, as well as the new moon in Pisces, we are experiencing some of the last lessons from the past year.

The 23.23 portal (on February 23, 2023) is a cosmic gateway that will help to release old paradigms and conditioning around feeling unworthy. Through these energetic gateways, there is a lot of unleashing of one’s full potential and infinite connection to our highest selves. This portal is here to awaken the power inside of you, and remind you that the world needs your gifts, your talents, your vulnerability, and your strengths. This is a year to move towards your dreams, and to stop being passive around making your dream life your reality. 

The number 23 vibrates at a high frequency, representing change, progress, and innovation. 23 signifies new beginnings, revolution, and transformation especially within the realm of career and purpose. We are not here to play small, and it is with exquisite purpose and practice that we are able to step more fully into our desires, our creations, and the way in which our lives can unfold to truly support our calling. 

The world is in need of you have to offer.

How to release passive energy and move towards your purpose:

Get clear: 

Without clarity, direction and speed on our life journey does not matter. Spend time with yourself (the colder winter months are excellent for this kind of introspection). Practice journaling each morning to unearth the parts of you that may get swept away during the busy day to day flow.

Embrace discipline: 

A life without discipline is a life that is lived in the shallow waters. Without cultivating self trust, it feels scary to delve deep into the waters of the unknown. Set up a schedule for yourself and hold yourself accountable. 

Question the status-quo: 

You are here to do things differently. For the next month, question why you want to buy something, eat something, create something. Is it because you’ve seen others doing it? Or is from your inner exquisite intuition and unique knowing. 

Expand your vision:

It can be easy to deny yourself what you really want to do – either through fear, laziness, or intolerance. But when we start to think about all the people in the world (who we know or do not know) who could benefit from us living in our purpose, we sift the scope of our potential and can better move out of a place of passivity.

Stay open,