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We each navigate the world with our own unique gifts, strengths, and talents that can not be replicated by anyone else. Yet, we can only share these gifts to the extent at which we’ve met the tender places where our wounds may live. One of the things that helps us most on our self-discovery journey is the ability to articulate what we are moving through. Meeting our wounds is a practice in embracing all aspects of ourselves with tenderness and care so that we can move forward towards healing and, ultimately, expansion. 

We cannot heal from wounds that we don’t have the language to name or understand. Taking time to build relationship with yourself in all aspects—mind, body, spirit—can give you the information needed to discover and hold the places within you that need tending to. When you spend time learning the spaces where you carry your wounds, new insight is formed into how these old wounds, patterns, traumas, and places of shame manifest in your mind, body, and heart. 

From the place of holding all of your experiences with compassion and care there’s an opportunity to find what some form of release or healing could look like. Healing these wounds, traumas, patterns, and shame can support you in uncovering your innate gifts and strengths. 

It’s likely that everyone's practice will look slightly different because we are each unique and require something that serves our uniqueness. These are some offerings that may support building a practice into your life that supports your healing.

Make your healing practice a priority in your life. Whatever practices you are committed to, let them be a priority. Far too often in this life we are scheduling in time for work, caring for those around us, to-do lists, errands, and the endless external commitments we take on. While all of this is important, you deserve to take up space in your own schedule. Commit to your self-care and self mastery, you are worthy of your own care.

Invest in healing therapies. Perhaps, energy healing with reiki, acupuncture, acupressure, massage therapy, aroma therapy, crystals, and so on. There is such a wide variety of practices to engage with. Be explorative in your journey and find one, or a few, that resonate with you. Once you do, invest in the practice, allow yourself to be immersed in the healing that the practice offers you.

Practice somatic releasing. All of our experiences are stored in our bodies in some capacity. Learning to reconnect with your body through any form of somatic connection can help to find ways to release trauma or patterns that have been stored yet are no longer serving you.

Plant therapy. If it feels affirming and aligned, practice with healing herbs and ancient plant medicine. These tools can help to break down barriers and old wounds and allow you to access new forms of healing. 

Explore new experiences. As you discover the pathways for your healing, there will be a lot of shifts and changes to navigate. Releasing old wounds, patterns, and ways of being clears the path for new-ness to arrive. Give yourself permission to begin again, to always be learning and exploring. And try committing to entering new environments and trying new practices as you evolve and grow.

The process of naming your wound and discovering healing is just that, a process. There will be moments of clarity and moments of difficulty. It’s important to remind yourself that all of these experiences are more than okay, they are each needed as you move through the discovery of your whole self. 

When we take time to know all aspects of ourselves deeply, we give ourselves permission to uncover our unique gifts and strengths. As we continue to hold space for the multitude of our existence we are able to share our whole self and stand in the space of inherent purpose and truth. 

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