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The art of giving is deeply rooted in our ability to connect with the energy of gratitude. 

When in our most natural state of grace, gratitude, and love, humans are able to create and give in incredible ways. The holiday season is an opportunity to delve deeper within our own capabilities for gratitude and the energy of giving. As we rise in our own personal journeys, humans have the unique gift of growing even more through our generous hearts. This is an invitation to lean into this grateful and generous energy, and see what kind of space and heart expansion comes your way. 

In the spirit of giving with intention, I curated a gift guide with some of my favorite wellness gadgets, gifts, and offerings. There is something here for everyone on your list, from the mamas, the sacred entrepreneurs, to the wellness gurus and the sound healers. 

May your holiday season be illuminated with a grateful heart.

Stay open, 


For the Wellness Mama:

You are the pinnacle of your family. The guiding light for the young hearts and minds in your lineage. And you are human! As a mama, I know the immense dedication, patience, and grace it takes every day to show up as your best self. Here are some of my favorite pieces to connect with yourself and your little ones. 

Saje Aroma Glow Diffuser
Calm the Chaos Intention Cards
Grateful Minds Five Minute Kids Journal

For the Energy Healers:

The world is made up of energy. We too, are created by frequencies and vibrations. The work of energy and sound healers is ancient, with tools dating back thousands of years. Here are my favorite healing tools to gift yourself or a healer you love, to enhance and invigorate their practice.

Crystal Sound Healing Bowls
Sacred Chakra Tuning Forks
Face and Neck Massager

For the Divine Masculine:

There is nothing more powerful than inner peace. With the masculine journey in mind, I’m sharing gifts that support the mind-body connection for the divine masculine energies in your life. From gadgets for balancing a healthy work-life balance, tools to improve health, to a beautiful way to relax, these gifts inspire and support.

TheraGun Mini
Personalized Water Bottle
Meditation Headband

For the Sacred Entrepreneur: 

Dedication and intuition are your guiding forces, inspiring your journey of self-realization and living a life in your purpose. When you are constantly in pursuit of purpose, you need some time to reset and rejuvenate. I'm sharing a few of my favorite gifts to support and cultivate the sacred entrepreneurial spirit.

Productivity Planners
Sparkling Herbal Bath Salts
Manta Sleep Mask

For the Wellness Guru:

In pursuit of wholeness, not perfection. Give the gift of true wellness this holiday season. Radiate from the inside out with tools rooted in ancient healing practices to rebalance your mind, body, and spirit. 

Gua Sha Comb for Scalp Health
Acupressure Ear Seeds
TheraFace Pro Skin Care Tool
Woman wading in the sea


Eclipse season is a powerful portal for creating dynamic change. It allows for new energy to come into play, and it is important to let go of old and out-dated patterns of living.

Tranquil Sea


We each navigate the world with our own unique gifts, strengths, and talents that can not be replicated by anyone else.